Modernize with Thinkserver for Dentists

Reduce cost, improve security and compliance


With the increased digitization of business, government, in fact all organizations, no one is doing fewer applications or less computing. However, without a modern infrastructure, all these organizations will not be able to address their growing computing needs without costs running away, increasing security risks, and running out of space, cooling and power capacity.

If you’re running Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 on older hardware, you’re running 10 year old technology. Outdated servers can be inefficient to run and more expensive to maintain.

Reduce your costs and plan for additional capacity taking advantage of the power efficiency of Lenovo ThinkServer® with Intel® Xeon® Processors and Intel® Intelligent Power Technology enhancements on Windows Server 2012. Fortunately, the latest Lenovo ThinkServers running Intel® Xeon® processors with Microsoft Windows Server 2012, enable our customers to do more, more securely, with less.