Acceptable Use Policy: Remote Access


  • To access Delta Dental website and determine whether or not a patient has received a Delta Dental payment check.
  • To review patient charts after hours and contact patients to schedule appointments.
  • To review daily work schedule in advance and plan accordingly for late cancellations.


The purpose to of this policy is to outline expectations regarding accessing Eaglesoft from another computer outside the office environment.

  • This is a voluntary assignment.
  • In return the employee will not go to the office on Fridays.
  • Employee will not be paid for this privilege
  • This is a temporary access and is up for evaluation in 3 months


  • An alternative to driving to the office on Fridays and computer related office activities outside the office premise.


  • Remote access will be available for use seven days a week from 4PM to 10PM daily.
  • HIPPA rules. Operator is granted permission to view or otherwise operate on computer system.
  • Remote connections and durations will be logged to verify access.
  • Eaglesoft software to audit user activity and restrictions (check w/ Patterson)
  • Operator will be granted a unique user id and password¬†
  • Remote deposit only until 10 PM, so not to interfere with the backup
  • Operator will not print, save or retain any portion of office data specifically any data deemed protected health information by law
  • Failure to comply with these restrictions will be evaluated and grounds for termination