Block Data Systems adds value!

  • Lenovo Computer Products Reseller
  • Customize office integration
  • Select computers that fit your office environment
  • Evaluate computer needs around business objectives
  • Sophistication, quality, innovation and excellence

About Tom

blockdata systems computer equipment salesTom Block has 30+ years of IT experience and started his IT career as an Army Satellite Communications Engineer. He worked for the California Institute of Technology, Owens Valley Radio Observatory, building the millimeter interferometer. Tom worked as Senior Systems Analyst for GTE Internetworking managing aspects of global website development and security for Fortune 500 companies.  As a Senior Sales Engineer for a global website company, Tom managed post-sales production and implementation at Genuity. Tom is a disabled veteran and supports CA disabled veterans interested in building and expanding business opportunities.

About Block Data Systems (BDS)

In 2002, Tom launched Block Data Systems. He leads small businesses through computer equipment assessment and technology needs in order to effectively & efficiently run a business. Tom is very personable; he gets to know you and your company and he focuses on user friendly design, simplicity, and energy efficiency-all within your budget. Knowledgeable and friendly, Tom is a technological leader.