How to upload a photo in Window 10

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How to upload a photo in Window 10

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To improve the ease of use, I've change permissions for Newly Registered users to post and approve their own content.

Today, I am uploading a photo to test this function. The maximum files size is 256KB which means photos taken with a phone or camera need to be resize to upload a picture.

To resize a photo in Windows, select a photo and right click on it and select Photos from menu option.

In Windows photo, make adjustments and crop as needed, then save a copy.

In the Photo Library window at the upper right hand corner find (...) ellipses and click.

Select resize and in the resize image window select .25MP (Mega Pixels) for profile pics and thumbnails.

Save the file.

At the bottom of New Post window find the Attachments Tab and upload the file you saved.
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All done.
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Re: How to upload a photo in Window 10

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Ah!!! Those were the days right there! Can't wait to be back there with you all again. That was fun.
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