Day Sailer Triple Crown 2022 Edition

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Which Regattas are you planning to race this year 2022?

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DaySailer Association North American Championship Regatta, 27-31 July 2022
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WSC Wednesday night fleet race, 3 August 2022
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Al Morris Regatta, Yale Lake, 6-7 August 2022
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All Three
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Day Sailer Triple Crown 2022 Edition

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DaySailer Fleet 23 Announcing the Triple Crown

From Toby Deming, DaySailer Fleet 23 Captain announcing two additional regattas and a chance to be the first Triple Crown winner following this year’s NACR in Eugene, Oregon. I guarantee this will be an epic road trip of a lifetime! Meet new friends and test your skills! Start talking up the event with your friends and family, start planning now for your “summer DaySailing vacation”!!!
  • THREE events
  • THREE unique venues
The Regattas are:
27-31 July - DS National American Championship Regatta - (NACR) at Eugene YC, sailing on the Fern Ridge Reservoir, west of Eugene, OR.
3 August - Wednesday evening fleet races at Willamette Sailing Club, Portland, OR.
6-7 August - Al Morris Regatta at Yale Lake in Cougar, OR.

“And it’s “just up the road” too!” -- Morro Bay YC, DaySailer Fleet Captain, Charlie Nichols

Message from Toby Deming
Greetings all and Happy New Year. Lord knows, we need one!
Mark your calendars and start planning. Nationals will be held in Eugene, Oregon the last weekend in July. That should make travel easier for the sailors in our region. Two more events are planned for the week immediately following Nationals, so we’ve decided to name all three events the Triple Crown. The boat with the fewest points, sailing in all three regattas will be crowned the winner.

Who will undertake the dare and be crowned the DS Triple Crown Winner 2022 Edition?

More about the NACR
For those accepting this unprecedented DaySailer challenge, a few things to consider about the NACR. The Nationals will be open to three levels of participation. As always, there will be A and B Fleet races on the same course. The A Fleet will consist of top racing boats and competitive skippers. The B Fleet will be the next level of competition and if there are enough entries C Fleet starts. The C Fleet is for DS Association members who love their boats, want to join in on the fun and meet other like minded DaySailers along the way. They will have a separate course so they don’t need to worry about getting in anyone’s way and can just relax and go for a nice sail. On land, the C Fleet will be dining, drinking, and hanging out with everyone else at Nationals.

About WSC Wed. Fleet Races
The second leg of the TC will be the Willamette Sailing Club, a few things about WSC. For those traveling from Eugene the club will host your boat and camper (limited space available FCFS). New to sailing on the Willamette? This is one race venue that will make one a sailor. August can be usually, hot and windless but more often, the magic on the river shifts and a decent afternoon breeze kicks up to make for an exciting evening of sailboat racing. No matter your skill level the Willamette will test your boating handling and wind reading skills. We race from 6-8 PM and can usually get in four to five starts on a breezy evening. Then we enjoy a cold one and burger with our friends in our new clubhouse.

About Al Morris Regatta
The third leg is the WSC hosted annual Al Morris Regatta, on Yale Lake near Cougar, WA. We camp and launch from Beaver Bay campground, this is a great location for sailing and socializing. Here too, you can choose to race with the DS group or just cruise around during the day on a beautiful lake with Mt St. Helens in the background then join fellow sailors in the evening. If you can’t make Nationals but want to sail with the DaySailers, come to Yale Lake. Registration for this regatta will be announced in the DS Quarterly and on the WSC web page
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